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MRI Yesterday, Results on Tuesday.


Plenty of pain meds in between. ¬†Hoping everything works out for the best. At least I got to run the Marathon. ūüôā

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Post Marathon Week Zero

My post marathon week zero for recovery has not really started. When I finished the marathon, I thought I was relatively injury free. No problems with my knees, feet, back, etc. But something kind of unexpected. ¬†You see, I’ve had a chronic stiff neck since around the end of June or beginning of July. Nothing too bad though. Everyone gets stiff necks from time to time. After seeing my Doc in July, I was prescribed PT to loosen and strengthen my neck.

After the Marathon, everything hurt, quads, calves, glutes, and shoulders. Over the next couple of days, everything got better, except my old neck pain. But now the pain was a lot worse and had radiated to my right shoulder and down my arm with numbness along my arm to my thumb and a little to my fingertips. I started taking Acetaminophen, naproxen, and what remained of my flexeril from my first appointment but it barely took the edge off the pain.  So I went back to the Doc and it turns out I have Cervical Radiculopathy (Pinched Nerve) on my right side.



I guess I have had a minor case of it since June but I must have really aggravated it during the Marathon. He upped the dosage of my meds and off I went. ¬†As the days progressed it got more and more painful to the point that no matter what position I was in, standing , sitting or lying down, which was the worst, was pretty much unbearable. ¬† So I called in sick on Friday and¬†after being up all night pacing, taking meds, ice pads, heat pads, and anything else to find relief, my wife, who has much more common sense than me, said we needed to go the ER. My Doctor isn’t available on ¬†the weekends. So 5:00 am we headed to the ER where they confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed some stronger pain meds. Finally I was able to sleep.

The pain is much less now and I have a follow-up next Friday. The BIG down side is no running! ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†I can ride a bike or use an elliptical but as you know, it’s just not the same. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery and fixing whatever the cause of this is so it won’t happen again.

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ING Hartford Marathon Recap

Friday night I got everything ready and packed and got to bed around 10:00. I set my alarms for 3:30 and 3:45 and got up at 3:45 of course. Got dressed got my stuff and had a light breakfast and a big glass of water. Then My wife, eldest daughter, and I left for Hartford around 5:00 to get there around 6:00. I was afraid I was going to get caught up in traffic or not be able to find a parking place or something that was going to stress me out.

We got there around 6:00 as planned and found a free parking lot a block away from the starting corral ¬†and next to a long line of porta-potties which was pretty sweet. Since the Pace Groups were not going to meet until 7:30 and it was in the high 40s, I decided to wait in the nice warm car for a while. After a couple of bio breaks I went to the Pace Group meetup. I didn’t bother to use the baggage check since it was about a half ¬†block from where I parked which was nice since the lines were way long.

I found my pace group for a 4:45 finish and met some really nice people. I figured I wanted to run with some experienced marathoners, the pace group leaders, during my first one. I didn’t stretch but jogged in place to warm-up. I took a GU at 7:15 and 7:45. At about 7:45 we moved into the corral. It was hard to stay with my group but I was able to see the sign the leader was holding.



It was a beautiful day for a run. With the sun now up it was in the low 50s, low humidity, and a nice breeze. I think I probably got spoiled a bit but I’ll take it.

I was a little nervous but excited and confident at the same time. I hadn’t run for a week and a half trying to get my knees to feel better and this morning they felt great, but for how long, I wondered. After all, 26.2 miles is a long way. I got settled in as close to my group as possible. The opening ceremonies were great. I was surprised that when they asked everyone who was running their first marathon to raise their hands, it looked like half the people there did. At one point we all sang Sweet Caroline in honor of Boston. Once the race started, it only took about three minutes to get across the starting line since my group was pretty far up.

Once we got across the starting line and moving, it was very exciting. I was actually running in a marathon! The full and half marathoners were running together at first and then split up after a couple of miles. We ran through downtown Hartford, through a nice park and the into some nice neighborhoods. Water stops with both water and Gatorade were setup every mile and a half, GU Gels available at about mile 8 and 14 and race clocks at every odd mile.  I walked through every stop and took a GU at 8, 14, and 21 miles. At about mile 9, I took another bio break and lost track of my pace group. I wanted to try to catch them but I was afraid to run too fast at this point. I kept track of my pace using the pace band I picked up with my packet and was about a minute or so behind, a pace I was able to maintain.

My knees were a little sore for the first few miles but were fine after that. Somewhere around 11 miles in the bottom of my right foot was starting to get sore. After a couple more miles I thought maybe my shoelaces were too tight so I stopped to loosen them and immediately felt some relief. Everything else felt fine.

I hit the halfway point at 2:20:56 with a pace of¬†10:46. I still felt great and was on track to finish around 4:45.¬†The volunteers, police, and residents cheering us on were great! I made mile 20 at¬†3:34:00 with a pace of¬†10:42. Still doing great. I was pretty tired but the gravity of what I was doing and thinking of every one of my followers and family kept me going. I now only had a short weekly run to go and knew I could do it. At about mile 22, the bottom of my left foot started hurting as well as my right. It felt like I was running on fire but it didn’t feel like I was injured. I think my pace slowed here though. A lot of people were walking or run/walking at this point but I just kept going except for the water stops.

The last couple of miles got me back into the city. I smiled and raised my hands in victory for every camera. Finally, I saw the finish line and had the biggest smile, thanking everyone for cheering my on. Then I heard my name as I approached the finish line, something I hadn’t expected. Hands raised up and a big smile, I crossed the finish line. 4:48:05, pace¬†11:00.

I’m now a Marathoner!

Walking now, I got my medal, a water bottle, a goody bag, and mylar blanket.

CAM00147 (2)


They had lots of good food available but sadly with my wheat allergy, I couldn’t eat most of it. I did get a complementary massage though and decided to get a nice steak on the way home.

This was one of my best days ever!

The day after the race my legs, hips, and shoulders were sore all day. I felt like I was walking like a penguin. I escaped pretty much injury free though with only a couple of blisters on the toes of my left foot. Monday, I did some foam rolling and everything is feeling much, much better.


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What a Week So Far!

It actually started last week on Saturday. I had an amazing time at my first Spartan Race. It was a 4 mile sprint at the Tuxedo Ridge Ski Resort in New York.



 I had to run up and down the mountain at least four times. Carrying, dragging, lifting, climbing, pulling, and crawling.

20130601_102754 (2)20130601_103227_5 2

It was an awesome experience!

After, a SPARTAN!

After, a SPARTAN!

The result?  

Spartan Sprint Stats

I was super sore after that race and utterly exhausted. I took a few day off to recover.

After that on Wednesday I went for a run. I was shooting for 4.5 miles but was feeling inspired so I went for 5. I went a little later than I normally do and it was a nice change.


I felt really good and I think it showed in my times.

5 June 13 Run

My next runs are on Friday and Saturday. Not sure if the weather will support but if not, I’m hitting the dreaded treadmill AND getting back into my morning workouts!


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Starting the New Week

Sunday was a much-needed rest day. It was a very nice day and I just focused on my one full recovery day. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel very recovered by the end of the day. When I went to bed, my legs felt like I had just finished a long workout or run. I woke up about¬†3 am¬†and my legs were still very tired feeling, both my quads and calves. So I decided I’d better listen to my body and take another day. I ¬† tried to drink lots of water and take it easy as possible for a second day. By the end of the day my legs felt much better.

4:¬†40 am this morning and the alarm goes off. I feel good and go workout. It was a very good workout and I still feel like I continue to improve. It was tough but nice. Following my workout I ¬†tried a whey protein drink. I felt so much better all day than I normally do. I think I’m going to keep up with the whey protein after my workouts and runs along with plenty of water. I’m interested to see how it works out.

Tomorrow, I’ll workout and run. I’m planning on increasing ¬†my¬†mileage¬†from 3.1 to 3.5.

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Week 3 Recovery Workout

These recovery workouts a nice and slow but I still have trouble holding some of the¬†stretches¬†for the full length of time.¬†Especially¬†when I have to¬†hold¬†my legs bent for a long time. I know it will get easier with time so I’m going to keep trying.

Standing on one leg is nearly impossible but I keep trying and I am noticing a slight¬†improvement¬† Eventually I’ll be able to stand on one leg for the full-time without all the wobbling and shaking. I wonder if I should add some ankle¬†strengthening¬†into my weekly routine.

Hmm, never had a weekly routine before. I hope it stays a routine!

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Still Improving My Workouts

I had a pretty good workout this morning. I was able to keep up with the pace of the workout for about the first third. I think that I have pretty much figured out how to properly do the exercises which is helping me to keep up. I have to remember to maintain proper form to get the max benefit and reduce injury. I had to take a few breaks during the last third but I feel I’m still improving. It’s just not as rapid as I was during the first two weeks. Not really surprised though.


I am starting to wonder if the daily workouts and the running are conflicting and reducing my recovery. I know my legs get really heavy during the end of my workouts and to a lesser degree during my runs. I need to look into my nutrition to see if I’m getting the right amount of whatever I need to aid in muscle recovery. I’m not a big fan of supplements. I think they generally have way too many sugars/carbs. I’m pretty sure I get enough protein but I may be missing other things.¬† Time to do some research.

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Week 3 – 2nd Fit Test

I decided to keep my full rest day yesterday for recovery, even though last week was a light week overall, which I’m not¬†ecstatic¬†about. But that was then and this is now so, moving on!

I started my third week strong. My morning workout consisted of my second Fit Test and I made about a 25% improvement over my first Fit Test when I started this whole thing.  I feel pretty good about it. I got some new compression shorts this weekend and boy what a difference they make.

It look like it’s going to e a great day for a run this afternoon. Trying to decide, LSD or normal 5K. I guess I really need to develop a more structured schedule instead of the one in my head.

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Good Easy Workout

I had a nice workout this morning. Not too tough but not too easy either. I am able to keep up more each time, push a little longer, and bend a little bendier with every workout I do. My left ITB was a little sore at times though so I need to stretch it out more often I guess.

This should be a good day for a run :).

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Cardio Workout, WOW!

A pretty intense cardio workout today. I was able to stick with most of it. Really trying to focus on form until I can get it right then I will start upping the intensity. Soreness is getting less and less as the days go on. I had some soreness in my left calf the last few days so I hit the foam roller last night and it is feeling better today. going to roll it out again this morning while it is still warmed up.

I didn’t run yesterday, opting¬†instead¬†for more recovery. I plan on it this afternoon though.¬†Hoping¬†for a good one.

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